You broke Twitter’s golden rule – don’t upset the nerds

Party conference season is in week three and this year, more than ever, Twitter has been at the heart of the action. From the rolling commentary of political journalists to Ed Miliband (@EdMiliband) fielding tweeters’ questions (“What is Zumba, and why is it so popular? #AskEdM”), Twitter is where it is at. Continue reading


An indigenous Taiwanese woman working to save her culture

Paicu Luheacana is a member of the Tsou tribe, one of 14 officially-recognised indigenous tribes in Taiwan. Continue reading

Andy Rooney Signs Off, Ends Long ’60 Minutes’ Run

Andy Rooney insisted he’s not retiring. He’s a writer, and a writer never stops being a writer.

Even so, he delivered his final weekly essay on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, his last in his 33 years with the newsmagazine. It was a moment, he said he has dreaded.

“I wish I could do this forever. I can’t, though,” he said. Continue reading

Starting this new Blog

I have started this Blog to bring up some themes and stories that relate to my mood, surrounding and personal life. I need a bit time to get me going and adopt such different attention. You also can bookmark this URI or subscribe to DuneBlog if you feel it can bring you some new aspects and views or help you understand other people’s life. I am curious to read your comments. Let’s see what we build here.