Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #7 Santorini, Greece

Santoniri is always a great place to be.


The Adventure of Maspie Den

I am impressed of the photographic presentation from his Scotland hike
on the Blog of “McAlisterium – The Adventure of Maspie Den”. Adding you to my Blogroll


I’d been holding out for a decent weather forecast for the weekend. After a week of blue skies and 20ºC+ temperatures, it was inevitable that the weekend would return to normality. In part anyway, it was still very mild, but rain was forecast and a layer of mist hung over Fife. I was toying with an overnighter on Beinn a’Ghlo, but plans changed over breakfast. Firstly, to the Trossachs with Margaret, then after some thought, closer to home. Falkland to be precise.

I’d heard of this walk from an ex- work colleague and hit up Walk Highlands for the route. We headed out past the red brick factory and into the trees above the village. The diffuse light amongst the trees made for an atmospheric climb and some pleasant photo opportunities. Margaret was cursing her camera, but her mood lightened instantly when I pointed out the red squirrel a short…

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Reblogging is Back!

Finally Re-Blog(ging) give proper credit to the authors – thanks to the Worpress Team

The Blog

As we mentioned last week, you can like and reblog posts directly from your reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your account.

We’ve also brought the reblog button back to the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen when you’re logged into Note that you’ll only see the like and reblog options while you’re looking at individual posts.

For example, you’ll see this on the left side of your toolbar while viewing

And your toolbar will look like this while you’re browsing the home page of

How does reblogging work?

Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others’ posts since blogging started, but our new reblogging system enables authors to retain greater control over their content.


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The convenient way of posting

I am exploring all aspects of blogging. I feel that it is important to know all possibilities as you have not always the chance in being online. So accessing your admin side is not always possible. Please don’t expect too much of writing in this post as I just want to see the basic results. Sure I will explore more in the future to get used to this new form.

Learning to go out in any weather

That is a must! Over the past two days we had bad weather. I did run on Friday but not on Saturday and Sunday. I immediately feel bad when I can’t run when I actually wanted to. Today the clouds where hanging low and it looked like rain or maybe even snow. I put on my rain proof gear and went out. I do see advantages going to run in bad weather as you can enjoy not crowded tracks. When you live in the city and you are permanently engulfed in the crowd, running in a place empty of people will bring a true value. You can de-stress from the noise and chatters of others.

This run has being great! Free of chatter, noise, crowds, cars, pollution and rain. That only started when I reached home again 🙂