Takling this common problem of modern time

The past few months and weeks have unfortunately unfolded into me gaining a lot of weight. I now have a belly that is under normal conditions not seeing on me. Over the past few years I was exposed to stress, bullying and all sorts of harrassments that makes me feel powerd out. Still I am  amazed to not have fallen victim to overweight much earlier or to a much worse state. Usually I am around 82 kg but now it looks and feels like I am anywhere between 88 and 90 kg. That is definitely too much and has to be adressed otherwise it can easly get out of hands. And you all know what the consequenses will be. New year was a good time to start running again. I did neglegt this sort of activities for the last three weeks of 2011 and that has put an even heavyer toll on my body.

So here I went on the first day of 2012 – a light run around 7 km. Don’t worry I am used to run longer distances. But right now those 7 km feels like I never would have run. My legs are heavy quickly and my breath is short and my belly feels totally uncomfortable.

Let me share here a bit of my own experience how I get fit and lean again. And if you like feel free to copy my phisical activity – for your own sake.


I appreciate your Reply

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