Learning to go out in any weather

That is a must! Over the past two days we had bad weather. I did run on Friday but not on Saturday and Sunday. I immediately feel bad when I can’t run when I actually wanted to. Today the clouds where hanging low and it looked like rain or maybe even snow. I put on my rain proof gear and went out. I do see advantages going to run in bad weather as you can enjoy not crowded tracks. When you live in the city and you are permanently engulfed in the crowd, running in a place empty of people will bring a true value. You can de-stress from the noise and chatters of others.

This run has being great! Free of chatter, noise, crowds, cars, pollution and rain. That only started when I reached home again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning to go out in any weather

  1. @DrRachelRuns – some years back I also went out running in any weather conditions, even when i twas pouring, snowing, had ice etc. But in the past years I have gone through really bad times and noticed that I lost quite a bit of good habits. Not only my physical and emotional state seems to have changed but also my habits. I am now trying to get those back to where it was.

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