Tracking your Running


Have you ever wished to track your Running experiences? See  if your distance, elevation and speed are in sync with your intentions. You know that tracking such basic information opens up new opportunities as you then can see you average speed and total Kilometers run etc.


So how can you gather all those Data? First of all “you have to Run” šŸ˜‰

Second, if you are the owner of a smart Smartphone that has a GPS integrated (well most smart Smartphones do) you can install a small nifty App that will help tracking your workout.


Sometimes back I found Sports-Tracker doing exactly this. On my Business Phone it runs just great and collects all I want. You can upload it instantly or once back at home. You can take pictures “a route” and time your Laps. While running you can see your current speed, distance and all those information that helps you adjust your pace.


Once your data are uploaded to Sports-Tracker, you then can share those workouts with your Network. As I am very new to Sports-Tracker myself, I so far didn’t upload anything but hope to do so by next month. But of what I can see what is going on within my Network I can tell you that this was the right choice for me to connect with.


So let’s see what the coming months are bring for me. I am already now nervously awaiting my first Track Upload. Happy Running and sharing …


Link: Sports-Tracker Homepage


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