Bob Welch, Former Fleetwood Mac Member Dead

I read about the passing of Bob Welch, former Fleetwood Mac member and Guitarist, who passed away. Personally I like “Sentimental Lady”. Also I never understood why the band didn’t include him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. It surely shows the in fight that often happen within successful bands. Bob left a quote during an interview, saying:


music is disposable now.

It doesn’t have the emotional impact anymore!

That’s sad.


I can agree! That’s why I still love to listen to “old age” music. RIP Bob – you are remembered for your work through other channels.




You broke Twitter’s golden rule – don’t upset the nerds

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An indigenous Taiwanese woman working to save her culture

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Andy Rooney Signs Off, Ends Long ’60 Minutes’ Run

Andy Rooney insisted he’s not retiring. He’s a writer, and a writer never stops being a writer.

Even so, he delivered his final weekly essay on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, his last in his 33 years with the newsmagazine. It was a moment, he said he has dreaded.

“I wish I could do this forever. I can’t, though,” he said. Continue reading