About DuneBlog

I am in an important change of private and working life adopting to the new reality. In the past, Running was important, within the new concept of life Running becomes a new value and as such is still important. It seems there is a close similarity between the life of Odysseus and my own with only a difference in time. Life is an Expedition Adventure of Contrast!

You are most welcome to connect with me. You can find me on Twitter (@DuneBlog), LinkedIn (DuneBlog), Youtube (still nothing on it), at gPlus (DuneBlog), at Facebook (DuneBlogRunning), this Blog at WordPress.com and of course at gMail. Please also have a look at that page on this Blog that is specifically createt for Runners.



4 thoughts on “About DuneBlog

    • I return the pleasure of meeting. Yeah SpT is a nice tool to meet likewise. I came across your profile so I thought it was worth clicking the connect button. I am new at SpT and will hopefully start posting next month.

  1. Hi DuneBlog, (Whats ur real name) You write very well, all the best for running. I stay in Bangalore (india) and welcome you to join me for run. I started running from last one year now i can run 10 km at a stretch best timing is 53min. The longest run was 19.3KM covered in 02:03:10. I can give miss to anything in my daily life but not running, I am addicted to running.Sudhir

    • Hi Sudhir, thanks for your comment. I will contact you over SpT (could not find your eMail.) once I am set. If you have a Blog I can contact you over there.
      Would love to run in Bangalore. And I think I am still up to go those distances 😉

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