This page is dedicated to Runners!

We are building a runners community to share our experiences. The Internet gives many opportunities for doing so. Let me guide you to various locations where Runners Communities are build. I hope you will join and help grow the groups experiences. There are two main points I have in mind where sharing is best and most easely done.

The first step is Tracking your workouts. We runners can do so by installing an App from (STT) on our Smartphone. BTW, if you are cycling, skying or hicking you also can use Sports-Tracker. I consider this to be one of the best (if not the best) sharing platform for runners. During a Run, your Smartphone App will collect informations such as; speed, distance, altimeter and laps. If you are the owner of a Bluetooth Hartrate you will even register your Heartbeat. Like this, over time you can collect all your workouts and see your progress.

The second place to go is our Chat we are now building on Google Plus and Facebook. Unfortunately STT  does not offer a handy way of conducting a chat that is why we are building this opportunity on gPlus and FB. Both Social Networks have their advantages and disadvantages. Facebook is more populated as gPlus but lakes the ability of creating a truelly Insider Community. On the otherside, gPlus gives us a much easier way of integrating Text, Pictures and Video. Personally I like the intuitive and shorter the learning curve of gPlus.

What are the discussion points we like to cover in the Chat Community? Well simply spoken just everything that pertains to running e.g; Health, Nutrition, proper drinking, Apparels, Running Shoes, Training, other workout that support your Running etc etc etc.

Does this sounds inviting? If you like this idea I herewith invite you to follow those links below and connect with our young community. If you can bring in your experiences, this will benefit every individual in the Community. Let’s join and share!


Useful Links: 

Step 1: at

Step 2:  Runners Community at Google Plus


Step 2:  Runners Community on Facebook

Step 3: your are in and up to share


This page will be updated as requirements demand


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